Fused Iron Batteries

The Fused IronTM Battery was created to address more sophisticated and demanding power needs, especially the specifications required for major micro grid energy storage applications, off-grid energy storage needs, capital deferment projects, and telecom. By applying 21st century technology to Thomas Edison’s original, long lived and high cycling nickel iron battery, Encell has created to world’s most durable and longest cycling battery.

The Encell Fused IronTM Battery has the capability of doing over 15,000 full 80% DoD cycles enabling the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) in the market. The extended deep-discharge performance results in a dramatic reduction in the number of batteries needed without compromising battery life. With a float charge battery life of over 20 years and no capacity fade for the first 75% of total cycle life, the Encell Fused Iron™ Battery is estimated to cost up to one-tenth the price per kilowatt hour on a LCOE basis in comparison to a lead acid battery with similar name plate capacity.  The LCOE advantage is even more pronounced versus Li Ion batteries.

Currently, the Encell Fused Iron TechnologyTM Battery is available in several configurations for various applications – 100Ah, 120Ah, 140Ah, 175Ah and 300Ah. Temperature ranges for both operation and storage is (-300C to 600C).


Microgrid and Grid Edge Energy Storage Solutions

At Encell, we are committed to developing solutions to meet this challenge and we are using our innovative discoveries in battery chemistry and design to positively impact the future of energy production and storage. Our innovations allow utilities to balance load, stabilize voltage and frequency, manage peak loads, improve power quality in variable demand scenarios, and reduce generation capacity requirements. In addition to its smart power backup and monitoring solutions, Encell has also developed the next generation in power capture and storage to support forward-thinking utilities, data centers, telecommunications companies and health care providers in their effort to maximize the reliability and availability of their systems, whether they provide or consume power.

Electricity storage provides many benefits for electric power utilities, transmission companies, electricity generators, and consumers. Some of these include reduced financial losses due to poor power quality and power outages, energy price arbitrage involving charging with low priced “off-peak” energy for use later when energy cost and price is high, and basic grid stabilization.

Our patented, state-of-the-art battery technology addresses the energy inefficiencies inherent in today’s available power storage systems, resulting in the most cost effective (cost/KWh) storage available. The Encell battery system reduces initial capital investment and total cost of ownership so substantially that alternative or renewable energy projects can now be competitive with traditional forms of power generation.

The cycle life of Encell’s battery storage solutions is more than triple that of other electrochemically-based storage alternatives, but we accomplish this by utilizing green chemistry that does not require fuel tanks, mechanical parts, fluid pumps, specialized high-temperature containers, or highly toxic materials such as lead, sulfuric acid, vanadium, cadmium, or bromine.

The result? Optimized storage solutions with significant improvements in size, weight, power, efficiency, useful life, and environmental safety. Encell’s storage solution is scalable to support high-capacity requirements anywhere in the world, so we can develop and customize a solution to fit your energy storage needs. To obtain additional information about our solutions and novel approach to battery systems, please contact us.