Encell is a Florida based manufacturer of proprietary nickel iron batteries. Based on patent-protected Fused Iron TechnologyTM.  Encell’s NiFe batteries are uniquely well suited for the rapidly emerging stationary energy storage market.

Traditional nickel iron batteries, invented and championed by Thomas Edison, have been known for their incredibly long cycle-life, abuse tolerance, and safety for 118 years. Encell’s team of former Energizer R&D scientists has redesigned the NiFe battery and dramatically improved the chemistry’s performance through more than a decade of research and development. These advancements have resulted 113 U.S. and foreign patents pending, and 25 U.S. and 10 foreign patents issued.

 Encell’s targets residential, C&I, and utility scale customers for stationary EES power applications. Encell primarily focuses on residential and C&I market segments.  Also, Encell provides storage solutions for large scale ESS projects for Independent Power Providers (“IPPs”) and utility companies. Encell’s NiFe battery can be scaled up for projects which require high Voltage and high capacity (> 250MWh) solutions. 


Encell’s NiFe batteries long cycle-life, coupled with its low upfront cost results in the lowest cost of storage (“LCOS”) available today.