Encell Technology

Corporate Headquarters and
Research and Development Facility

Encell Technology, Inc.
12887 US Hwy 441
Alachua, FL 32615

Phone: 386-462-2643
Fax: 386-462-2669
General Email: encelltechnology@encell.com

LinkedIn: Encell Technology, Inc.
Twitter: @encelltech
Facebook: www.facebook.com/encelltech

Sales and Business Development Opportunities

Rob Guyton
Chief Business Officer
386-462-2643 ext 216 | rguyton@encell.com

Battery and Systems Inquiries

Alan Seidel
Director of Engineering & Product Development
386-462-2643 ext 201| aseidel@encell.com


Patrick M. Emmet
Director, Human Resources
386-462-2643 ext 227| pemmet@encell.com

Public Relations

Chris Maier
Chief Financial Officer
678-576-1982 | cmaier@encell.com